Castor Oil

Christina and Ruth about 1932

Christina and Ruth about 1932

Bill Stacey grew up on a ranch in Woodruff and was a part of the work as soon as he was old enough to ride a horse. During those early years, halfway between boyhood and manhood, he often became angry or exasperated. “I had a bad temper,” he admitted. Everything made me mad. My parents didn’t allow contention in our home. My Dad would look at us and quietly say ‘Stop it now,’ and we did. One day my mother taught me a lesson I never forgot.”

It happened when his brother did something Bill considered unfair. Bill lost his temper and repaid in kind, and the whole family could hear the response.

“You know the rules,” his mother calmly said, “We don’t speak to each other that way in this family.”

“I can’t help it,” said Bill. “When someone does things to make you mad, you have to get mad.”

Bill on the sled with Ray Cox on the Stacey farm

Bill on the sled with Ray Cox on the Stacey farm

“No, you don’t have to get mad. You can choose another way to solve the problem or get someone else to help solve the problem. Getting mad just keeps the Spirit away from our home and it doesn’t solve anything. Make sure it doesn’t happen again,” she warned.

But it did happen again, and Bill remembers his angry protest was loud and long.

His mother’s response was soft and short: “Any boy who makes a noise like that must need lubrication. I guess I’ll have to give you a spoonful of Castor Oil every time it happens.”

The children hated Castor Oil. It was easily the most detestable thing they had ever tasted. No one in his right mind would do anything to provoke the remedy of Castor Oil.

“It worked,” remembers Bill. “I never lost my temper in front of my mother again. But even more important, I learned that anger really doesn’t solve anything, even when it seems justified by someone else’s actions. When we get angry the Spirit leaves instantly. Contention in any form is inspired by Satan and I learned to eliminate it from my life.”

It’s a good advertisement for Castor Oil.