Cook Family Organization GEDCOM Files

This file contains the latest officially approved PW Cook family history data (including temple work) prepared by the Cook family organization (Janet Porter). It is a GEDCOM file that can be opened by most if not all current family history data programs (PAF, etc.). If you prefer you may order the file on a CD from the family store.
Download the gedcom file compressed in a zip file (1 MB)

How to import this disk onto your computer:

  1. You must have P.A.F. or other compatible software.
  2. If not, import P.A.F. 5.2 into your computer from
  3. Click to open your P.A.F. program.
  4. Click on “File: New”
  5. Designate destination for your new P.A.F. file.
  6. Name the file when asked (Bamford, Cox, etc.)
  7. Type your name and address when asked and click “default” so you won’t have to type it again.
  8. A blank family screen will open.
  9. Click “Import”
  10. Designate your CD drive and click on the file (Bamford, Cox, etc.)
  11. It will come up into the screen immediately.
  12. To change the person who comes up when the program opens:
    1. Click “Tools”
    2. Click “Preferences”
    3. Click “File”
    4. It will say “RIN of home person on file open” (RIN is the identification number which shows up at the bottom of the screen on every individual.)
    5. Type in the RIN of the person you want.
    6. Next time that person will come up first.