Projects for local research volunteers
Litchfield County, Connecticut - Research 1780-1810
1.  Local Historical Society
    References to Daniel Cook and Elizabeth Porter
    References to Jonathan Churchill and his brothers
      Business or financial records
        Revolutionary War references
          Local muster units and rolls
    Note especially the following companies from Goshen:
    a.  A company enlisted by Stephen Goodwin in 1776.  Sixty men (and boys?) 
        From Goshen were enlisted for 6 months.  They served in New York, near 
        Norwalk and then were transferred to Long Island in July.  Returned home 
        in December. 
    b.  His brother Amasa enlisted Dec. 23, 1776 under Col. Sheldon.  They were 
        gone several months.
    c.  April 1, 1777 Goshen was ordered to provide every able-bodied man to 
        enlist in the Continental Army, to be paid 10 pounds by the town for 
        each year's service.  Many of the men who enlisted in the 1776 company 
        re-enlisted in this company.
          Local references and histories about Revolution
          Historical information about soldiers and their children
          Vital records, marriage records, lists, etc.

2.  Milton Burying Ground near Litchfield
      Sexton's records for Daniel Cook
      Sexton's records for Jonathan Churchill II.

3.  Litchfield County Courthouse
      Court or probate records
      Unpublished land records

4.  Public Library
      Newspapers for that time period
        Announcements of an anniversary of Daniel and Elizabeth
        Article written at Daniel's death in August, 1809.
      Histories which reference the family
      Local lists about schools, the Revolution, taxes, etc.

Upstate New York - find the death or burial of Elizabeth Porter/Cook/Peters 
  (former wife of Daniel Cook born about 1760.)
1.  Any public library or local/county historical department between Rochester 
    and Buffalo, including Erie, Wyoming, Livingston, Wyoming, Genesee, Monroe 
    and Ontario Counties.
      A.  Local newspaper indexes for the period 1832-1835 for references to 
          Elizabeth Cook Peters who died about 1834.
      B.  She may have had a daughter, although we can find no evidence.  
          However, she isn't buried with her husband in Darien, Genesee, N.Y. If 
          there was a daughter, she may have died there and only a local 
          reference will help us.
      C.  Regional indexes for Elizabeth Peters, references to her daughter, a 
          woman with the maiden name of Cook.
      D.  Local lists of burials, indexes of deaths between 1832-1835. 
          If anything looks hopeful, find the sexton's records for details.
          Local information in Genesee and Ontario Counties have been searched 

2.  County Counthouses
      A.  Court or probate references to Elizabeth Peters.

Massachusetts - Henrye Cooke and Judith Birdsall (Of special interest - their 
  origins and their early associations.  Emigration records are sparse before 
  1650; we have to make connections by association and by local records.  
  Everything is of interest)
1.  Local historical library, courthouse, etc. for records about either the 
    Cooke or Birdsall families.  (They lived in the Boston area and in Salem.)
2.  The New England Genealogical and Historical Society Library in Boston has 
    many records of interest.  There is a day fee which the family organization 
    would pay.

  References to the Cooke family and the Birdsall Family are being sought.  Both 
  families are believed to have originated in Norfolk before 1635.  Local 
  records may help us.